Arbroath West Kirk Parish and Congregation

The West Kirk operates under the Unitary Constitution, the Kirk session having four core groups and in addition the church secretary, based in the church office, looks after much of the church’s administration.

We serve a large parish within the seaside town of Arbroath, covering the western part of the town which stretches from rural farmland in the west, an industrial estate to the south, the harbour and shore to the east before going north between Brothock Burn nature trail and the Hercules Burn to the Den of St Vigeans.  All together a population of around ten and a half thousand parishoners.  Contact with the members of the congregation is maintained through visits by District Elders, approximately 55 elders visit members in their district, at least 3 times a year, maintaining links being our main goal.

West Kirk’s membership is around 870 with an average Sunday attendance of around 150 to 200. Music is an important feature of worship in West Kirk where two organists and a choir lead congregational praise.  In February 2019 Arbroath West Kirk united with Arbroath Knox’s Church in the interests of good stewardship. This harmonious union created a larger congregation and parish and has provided greater use of the premises.