Outreach can be done in various ways, this is ours:

A thank-you card is mailed to worshippers who sign the Visitors’ Book.

Annual ecumenical service during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with St Thomas of Canterbury Roman Catholic Church, Arbroath.

The recording of the Sunday service which is then broadcast at 3pm.

Parish visitation is conducted from time to time with information leaflets being distributed to the 5,000 homes in the parish.

Chaplaincies are not automatically granted but in the past have been held in two primary schools, the secondary school, an engineering training group and Arbroath Infirmary. It is hoped we can continue this caring work of Christian love.

Ministry of flowers. Every Sunday flowers from the sanctuary are given to people in the parish with a note saying they are being remembered by their West Kirk family.

Web site: www.arbroathwestkirk.org & Facebook.

We seek to make worship relevant and meaningful for all ages; to continue to reach out to the local community through the broadcasting of morning worship on Radio North Angus; to be welcoming and friendly to members and visitors alike. We are training a worship team to take occasional services and we are also organizing a pastoral visiting team.

We value our links to the wider parish and seek to share the love of Christ and we seek to meet the needs of the parish when families are going through a time of bereavement. We recognize the importance of promoting Church life through our web site and will continue to conduct parish visitations highlighting to people their parish church and its activities.